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Myou 303(Humic Acid Liquid)

  • ProductHumic Acid Liquid
  • PreparationLiquid
  • Package5~25kg/barrel
  • MethodSpraying
  • Application Concentration1200~1500 Dilution
  • Active Ingredients》40g/L, N+P2O5+K2O(100-50-50) 》200g/L

It is a kind of 10000 molecular weight bio humic acid, originated from plant raw material through improved production technology and redox reaction extraction steps, so it have natural hormone, such as S-abscisic acid and Gibberellic acid(GA3) in our humic acid.

Reference Dosage:  

1、10kg/ha per season foliar spraying, dilution rate is 1: 1200-1500 and root irrigation rate is 1: 600-1200.

2、75kg(75L) / ha for soil application.

We also accept orders for customized products.

Package: 5-25kg (L) / Barrel