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Myou 600A(Amino Acid Foliar Fertilizer)

  • ProductAmino Acid Foliar Fertilize
  • PreparationLiquid
  • Package
  • MethodSpraying、Irrigation
  • Application Concentration
  • Active Ingredients

Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

2.Amino Acid Foliar Fertilizer

Amino Acid ≥30%

Fulvic Acid Potassium≥20%

Organic Matter ≥40%

Biological Bacteria 

Trace Elements 

Amino Acid≥100g/L  

Fulvic Acid≥300g/L

Trace Elements(copper、iron、boron、manganese、zinc):20g/L

Organic NPK≥150g/L

Active Ionized calcium≥30g/L


Application Method

Crops Methods

Vegetables, fruit trees, field crops

Foliar application

50-150ml, watered of 15kg, 7-10 days, 2-3 times per period

Dropper impacted application

300-800 times, 10-15 days, 4-5 times per period