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Myou 600D(Amino Acid Fertilizer)

  • ProductAmino Acid Fertilizer
  • PreparationPowder
  • Package
  • MethodSpraying、Irrigation
  • Application Concentration
  • Active Ingredients

Product features: 

- The amino acid powder is rich in protein which can balance the soil pH , reduce pesticide residue and solubilize phosphate and potassium to increase the utilization rate of fertilizer.

- The trace-elements in chelated Amino acid which can be well absorbed by crops, and then the soil nutrient deficiency problem and soil borne disease can be solved.

- Improve the activity of the enzyme in the plants, promote the synthesis of amino acids, protein and sugar, improve crop quality. Promoting the photosynthesis of plant and cell growth, preventing crop failure, improving the resistance ability and promoting the synthesis of nutrients, which make the crops early harvest. 

- High level potassium fertilizer that can meet the need of potassium and other nutrient and increase fertilizer use efficiency 》15%.